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Alexandria Exxon South is a licensed Virginia state vehicle inspection center. We provide, Alexandria, VA and the surrounding areas with reliable vehicle inspections. If during our inspection we find something amiss, we will discuss all the necessary repairs with you and upon receiving your say-so, commence repair work to ensure your vehicle meets all governing safety and emission regulations.

Why get your vehicle inspected by the state?

State-run vehicle inspections ensure that registered cars in a particular area comply with all safety regulations. It’s also a great opportunity to address any car issues or parts that need replacement. It also comes with other benefits, including:

Improved Safety

Ensure your vehicle is in optimum condition before you even turn on the ignition. The smallest defects can compromise your car’s efficiency and, more importantly, your safety. Multi-point checks help by keeping every part of your car functioning properly.

Longer Maintenance Life

Identifying car malfunctions in its early stages prevents major repairs down the road. As our technicians address the problem immediately, you avoid exacerbating your vehicular problems.

Significant Savings

Regular inspections save car owners money because they guarantee impeccable engine performance. Taking good care of your car, after all, extends its longevity and saves you from costly repairs.

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